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What is Site Build It!

In case you have stumbled across this mouldy crumb in the bottom of the biscuit tin of the internet without knowing what Site Build It! is then here is a quick introduction.

Site Build It! is a business process backed by a suite of online tools provided by the company SiteSell.

It provides anyone with just a very basic understanding of computers and the internet with the means to create a successful and profitable online business.

It's very important to note the part about business process. There is so much more to building a successful online business than simply throwing up a web site and sitting back and waiting for the money to roll in. The process by which you learn how to identify what kind of online business can be successful for you and how to go about creating it is 95% of the work. Building the website is the other 5% and is the relativly trivial part.

  • 99% of online web site building tools will easily take you through the technical aspects of building of a website but this is only 5% of the work!
  • Only 1% of online companies attempt to show you how to do the real work required to create an online business and none can compete with Site Build It! for ease of use and suitablity for internet and computer novicies.

Tools, Utilities and Resources for Site Build It!

As a relative new-comer to Site Build It! I have had the oppertunity to see the process first hand, not only from a beginners point of view but also as a I.T. specialist for over 25 years.

I really believe in the process that Site Build It! provides yet have spotted a number of areas where life could be made easier for those using it.

I plan to create a number of tools and utilities to assist Site Build It! members in their site creation process and the first of these is Site Structure It!

Site Structure It!

Site Structure It! helps you create your Site Build It! three-tiered blueprint structure. It is an alternative to the spreadsheet blueprint tool referred to in Day 3 of the Site Build It! Action Guide.

With Site Structure It! you import your Master Keyword List that you export from Brain Storm It! and then all your structure creation and keyword mapping is done with the click or drag of a mouse!

For further details see Site Structure It!

The SBI Member Location Map.

SBI provides a wonderful forum that is packed with helpful advice from hundreds if not thousands of SBIers but as good as the forum is so much more can be gained through face to face meetings.

How do you find an SBIer near you? Well there is no easy way until now. Now you can look at the SBI Member Map and you can see the location of any SBI member that may be near you. Contact them through their website and arrange a get together.

See the SBI Member Map now.