Frequently Asked Questions

The MKL Keyword values are all zeros when I load the CSV file into SSI.

Sometime around the beginning of April 2012 SiteSell slightly changed the format of the contents of the CSV file created when you export keywords from your Master Keyword List.

This change caused the exported keyword value data to appear as all zeros in SSI.

Versions 1.52 and greater of SSI have been modified to cater for this change and now load the keyword data correctly.

All users of SSI should upgrade (free) to the latest version available from the download page (link on right).

Can I recommend Site Structure It! in the SBI forums? I have less than 200 posts!

Yes you can.

I have asked for clarification on this point from SiteSell and had it confirmed that anyone can recommend products that are in SBI Resources (as Site Structure It! is) even when they have less than 200 posts.

You may not recommend any products outside of SBI Resources until you have more than 200 posts in the forums.

Does Site Structure It! run on Windows 7? Is it supported on Windows 7?

Yes. Site Structure It! runs under Windows 7 and is fully supported.

How do I add new keywords?

Site Structure It is designed to allow you to build a blueprint structure using keywords from your MKL. As such it considers the keywords in the MKL the master copy and does not provide a facility to modify the exported keyword list.

To add a keyword/s to the keyword list you should go back to your MKL and add it there and then export the keyword list again. This has the advantage of retrieving the demad, supply and profit values as well.

If you have removed keywords from your MKL that you have used in your blueprint then don't worry. Site Structure it will not forget them as long as they remain assigned to a page.

If you have to add keywords and don't want to use the MKL then there is one other way to do it. The keyword file exported from the MKL is just a text file. If you open it in notepad you can add new keywords to the bottom, save it and then open it again in Site Structure It!.

Keywords should me added in the form below...

my keyword value,0,0,0

Once you open the modified keyword file in Site Structure It! you will see them within the list on the right.

I saved my Structure but now I can't open it. What's happened?

Most likely you have saved your Structure File with a name different to that of the keyword file you are opening or in a different directory to that containing the keyword file.

You can get a fuller explanation of what's going on and how to work with differently named STR and CSV files by looking at this page on file handling and Site Structure It!

I have purchased Site Structure It! where do I get the full version?

The demonstration version on this website and the full version are one and the same.

When you purchase Site Structure It! you will be emailed a registration key by E-Junkie. Enter this key into Site Structure It! and all the features will be unlocked.

If you have purchased Site Structure It! and not received a registration key then please check you spam filter and if still no luck send me an email via this website.

If you do need to email me then please ensure you supply your name, the date of purchase and the email address used for the purchase.

How do I register Site Structure It!

When you purchase Site Structure It! (SSI) you will receive a confirmation email from E-Junkie. This email will contain a registration code that you need to enter into SSI.

Note: If you have already downloaded the trial version there is no need to download anything else as the trial and full versions share the same download.

  • Run SSI and click the options button on the toolbar.
  • From the drop down menu select 'Register Site Structure It!' and then copy and paste the code into the text box and click OK.
  • You will get a confirmation dialig and the serial number of your copy of SSI will now be displayed in the lower right of the SSI window instead of 'EVAL.'

For screen shots of this process see the 'Registering Site Structure It! topic in the help (available from the 'Help' button on the SSI toolbar).

I can't save the structure I have built and only some of my keywords load.

The demonstration version of Site Structure It! has a few limitations. It will only load the first 50 keywords from your exported MKL and the save buttons are disabled. In addition it will only let you create 15 tier pages in your structure. Apart from this it is fully functional.

When you purchase Site Structure It! you will be emailed a registration key from E-Junkie. Enter this key into Site Structure It! and all the features will be unlocked.

If you have purchased Site Structure It! and not received a registration key then please check you spam filter and if you still have no luck then send me an email by using the 'Questions?' button found towards the right of the page.

Can Site Structure It! import my notes from the MKL?

Site Structure It! can only work with the data provided by the MKL export functionality. This only provides the keyword, demand, supply and profitability values so I'm afraid the answer is no.
I suggest adding this export facility to the wish list thread in the SBI forums. If the notes were added to the export I see no reason why I wouldn't add it to Site Structure It!

Can I install Site Structure It! on more than one PC?

Yes. As long as your copy is only being used for developing or maintaining structure blueprints for your SBI sites then you can install it on as many PC's as you like.

I have a MAC, can I use Site Structure It!

Site Structure It! is not a native MAC application but I do have a few user using it successfully under emulators in MAC machines.
I can't help with how to do this as I don't have a MAC or any MAC skills but I will try to assist as best I can.
It may be worth posting in the SBI forums to see if there are others using SSI in this way that I do not know about.

How do I add keywords to my keyword list?

Site Structure It! never modifies the exported keyword list file (the CSV file generated from the MKL) in anyway so there is no functionality to add keywords to it.
If you want to add keywords to your list then ideally I would recommend adding them in your MKL and then re-exporting. This has the advantage of getting the supply and demand values for the new keyword and updating all the existing values (SBI periodically updates all your keyword values).
If you cannot do this for some reason then you can manually edit the CSV file (use notepad or some other simple text editor) and add your new keywords to the bottom of the list. When you next load the CSV file your new keywords will be included.

I have more than one 'Site Build It!' site. Can I use 'Site Structure It!' on all of them?

Yes. You can use Site Structure It! on all SBI sites that you own.

Do I need to buy a copy of Site Structure It! for each SBI site I own?

One license allows you to use Site Structure It! on any number of SBI sites that you own. You may not use your copy of Site Structure It! on SBI sites that you do not own.