Site Structure It! - Coaching Edition

Site Structure It! is Now Available for Coaches.

The 'Standard Edition' of Site Structure It! is licensed to individuals for use on SBI websites that they own. The standard license does not allow an individual to purchase a copy of Site Structure It! and then develop blueprint structures for other SBI members. If you are an SBI member and intend to use Site Structure It! to work only on you own websites then you need the Standard Edition.

The coaching version of Site Structure It! is designed to lift the above restriction and let you, acting as a coach or individual supplying services to other SBI members, use Site Structure It! on any number of sites even when you don't own them.

The 'Coaching Edition' license is a one time purchase, unlimited license which allows you to work on as many SBI sites for as long as you like. There are no banding levels or yearly renewal fees.

Once you have bought it, you own it, forever.

Site Structure It! Coaching Edition will allow you to save time when creating blueprint structures enabling you to provide a higher level of service to your clients.

  • Create your clients '3 Tier BluePrint Structure' fast!
  • No more manual transfer of keywords and demand/supply statistics
  • Get your clients Site Structures Right! First time!
  • Use your clients keywords effectively

Site Structure It! makes building the 3 Tier Blueprint Structure a breeze. You can lay out the structure of a website and assign keywords to the pages in minutes. As an experienced SBIer you can do in 20 minutes what would take you an hour or more using the SBI recommended spreadsheet.

  • Try it completely risk free.
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free upgrades for life
  • Free email support

When you buy Site Structure It! Coaching Edition you can be sure that you get your monies worth. Not only do you get free upgrades for life and unlimited email support but if you are not satisfied for any reason then, within 30 days of purchase, you can get a full refund.

Important note - Please read before purchasing

Site Structure It! Coaching Edition is available for Windows based PC only and is supported on all versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista. It is not available for Macs or Linux/Unix based computers.

Site Structure It! Standard Edition and Site Structure It! Coaching Edition are identical and share the same download. You will see no difference when evaluating the application.

To ensure that Site Structure It! Coaching Edition works for you please download it from the download page and try it out before purchasing.

The unregistered version is fully functional apart from the ability to save and restrictions on the size of tier structure and keyword lists you can build/manage.

The Coaching License does not allow you to distribute the program to your clients. If your clients wish to use Site Structure It! themselves on their own sites then they must purchase Site Structure It! Standard Edition.

Site Structure It! Coaching Edition
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Site Structure It! Coaching Edition

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When making your purchase please ensure that the email address you supply is correct. Once you have completed the purchase process you will receive a registration key in an email from sent to the address you specify.

Enter this key into Site Structure It! Coaching Edition to remove the restrictions of the evaluation version.

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