Site Structure It! - Downloads

Important Information

Site Structure It! is a Windows based program and is supported only under Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

It will not run under Linux or on a Mac unless you use some 3rd party virtual PC software to allow it to run Windows. Any configuration other than Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 as native OS's is unsupported as I have no meansĀ  (or skills) to test or develop in these environments. If you do manage to get it to work in an unsupported method then please let me know so I can document this for other potential users. It would be much appreciated.


The latest version of Site Structure It! can be downloaded from the link below. The download is the same whether you intend to purchase the standard version or the coaching version of Site Structure It!

The download contains a self extracting and installing executable which will install Site Structure It! on your computer. Just save it to your desktop and double click the setup icon.

Version 1.52 and above cater for the changes to the CSV file format introduced by SiteSell in the last week or so (around start April 2012). Most likely/maybe this was BB2 related and doesn't seem to have affected everyone but for some it caused the exported keyword value data to appear as all zeros in SSI. All existing users should upgrade to the version below.

You can also download the latest version of the help files separately from the link below. You only need these if they have been updated (the date is newer) than the full install above.

For help on downloading and installing Site Structure It! see the Site Structure It! online help.

Evaluation Version Restrictions

The evaluation version of Site Structure It! has the following limitations:-

  • The maximum number of Tier Pages you can create is 15.
  • The maximum number of Keywords that can be loaded is 50.
  • Saving of your Tier Structure is disabled.

I realise that restrictions on trial software are annoying but the above restrictions are designed to let you ensure that..

  • Site Structure It! works on your PC.
  • Establish whether Site Structure It! is useful to you with no risk or effort.

If you decide to purchase Site Structure It! then there is no need to download another version. All you will need is the registration code that will be sent to you when you complete the payment process.